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Artisans of tourism experiences, advocates of our cultural roots.
There was a time when a trio of witty art historians, Fulvio, Chiara and Alessia, were dreaming about conveying their passion for the Italian cultural heritage to the intrigued visitors of their mesmerizing Country.
What started in 2007 as a thrilling challenge gradually unfolded into a professional Elite Destination Management Company catering to the curious traveler who longs to discover the incommensurable treasures of the Italian Peninsula through upscale experiences.

We design exclusive and authentic tourism itineraries always following the highest quality standards and customizing the event to meet the guest’s requirements and expectations.

Since June 2018 the company has been welcomed into the prestigious Virtuoso Destinations & Experiences Program as On-Site Preferred Partner for Italy.

Genuine enthusiasm for arts and culture, a keen eye for the smallest detail, creative thinking in developing new experiences and flexibility in handling last minute changes are doubtlessly our main strengths.

Whether a tour inside the most remarkable Italian monuments with top-level guides, a high-class transportation service or the perfect accommodation for your stay, we at Imago Artis Travel will take care of every aspect of your holiday and commit to astonish you.
We constantly strive for excellence.
Our History
More than ten years spent creating unforgettable memories.
Chiara, Fulvio and Alessia, passionate art historians, founded Imago Artis with the common desire of unveiling Italy’s heritage in a unique and exclusive manner.
The company started a partnership with Rome's Grand Hotel St. Regis, quickly our popularity spreads among the best hotels in the city.
Top American travel agents began to choose Imago Artis for its reliability and unparalleled offers. Our team grows allowing to grant wonderful experiences throughout Italy.
In June 2018 Imago Artis joins Virtuoso, the best luxury travel network in the world. The company also joins J.MAK, the perfect sales representative for becoming pure excellence.
Our Team
A successful team beats with one heart.

Be it our smart and empathic guides, our quick and trustworthy customer service,
our versatile and responsive travel advisors, or the great network of contacts our three owners rely on, Imago Artis Travel boasts the perfect team to make you discover the grandeur of Italy.
Our Press & Awards
The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.
[...] When I’m in the Raphael Rooms, I understand the political, cultural, and philosophical context that Raphael brilliantly represented in his art as if I was hurled 500 years into the past,” says Fulvio De Bonis, who offers bespoke Raphael-themed tours of Rome.
The Largest Raphael Exhibition Ever Is Opening This Spring in Rome
Friday, 28th FEBRUARY 2020
[...] the first time I met De Bonis, he was leading a tour of Rome’s secrets that didn’t include a single museum. I was blown away. Having once lived in Rome for two years and returning often to visit, I thought I had seen just about everything. De Bonis showed me how wrong I was.
Touring Rome’s Secret Locations with Imago Artis Travel
Monday, 18th NOVEMBER 2019
[...] He also recommends exploring other charming villages, like the Medieval fishing town of Portovenere, and Sestri Levante, which was built on a peninsula surrounded by Silence Bay and Fairytale Bay.
Touring Italy’s Colorful Liguria Region
Monday, 14th OCTOBER 2019
From Sicily, to Apulia and Pompeii Imago Artis grants wonderful activities throughout Italy always preserving its personal and creative touch. Fancy a fishing venture in Apulia or a Pistachio experience in Sicily?
The best places to visit in Italy in the fall
Tuesday, 24th SEPTEMBER 2019
[...] To really understand this fascinating city known for its "sassi", it’s best to hire an expert guide of Imago Artis, who can explain its complicated history and show you the best spots in town.
How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip in Southern Italy
Tuesday, 9th JULY 2019
[...] “The magic of Matera comes from its authenticity that reveals itself in the alleys, shops, and private homes carved out of Tufa stone that has always characterized our country" De Bonis said.
Why You Should Visit Matera, This Year’s European Capital of Culture
Saturday, 15th JUNE 2019
[...] We found ourselves perched on the edge of the Roman Forum, on a balcony away from the crowds but close enough to see the details that De Bonis described.
The Roman Art Historian Who Will Actually Make You Like Tours
Friday, 7th JUNE 2019
[...] They boost unbeatable sunset views over the eternal city following a 17-month restoration and a partnership with Imago Artis, an elite Italian tour operator that creates custom itineraries catered to twosomes.
Where You Should Honeymoon in 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign
Monday, 14th JANUARY 2019
[...] the hotel is offering a special Valentine's Day package in partnership with Imago Artis Travel. Guests who opt into the "Romantic Ride" package will be swept away on a three hour chauffeured experience around Rome in a red vintage Fiat 500 with a bottle of Italian Spumante.
The 26 Best Romantic Hotels With Great Valentine's Day Packages
Friday, 4th JANUARY 2019
[...] Join tour operator Imago Artis for a culinary trip to the region: you'll visit some of the region’s best wineries, feast on fresh pasta at a local favorite trattoria in Barbaresco.
8 Food Tours in Europe You Need to Take
Monday, 3rd DECEMBER 2018
[...] The building contains private residences, so you can’t go in without the help of a guide like Fulvio de Bonis, president and founder of Imago Artis Travel.
A Cinema Lover’s Guide to Rome
Wednesday, 17th OCTOBER 2018
Imago Artis Travel is Virtuoso. Starting from June 15 we are part of the most exclusive and prestigious network in tourism.
Tuesday, 15th JUNE 2018
Our Fulvio is showing on Sky News Business Australia the three main treasures of Rome: Colosseum, St. Peter’s and... coffee!
vimeo.com / Imago Artis Travel
Friday, 18th MAY 2018
We are very proud to have been amongst the few Italian DMCs to take part in DUCO travel show in March 2018.
Monday, 12th MARCH 2018
[...] a Mercedes will collect you; tour guide, Fulvio, is charming and extremely knowledgable - and will impress even those who think they have seen everything in Rome.
Rome's Art & Architecture: Our Guide
Monday, 5th MARCH 2018
[...] a jaunt around the city’s most incredible under-the-radar sites by Fiat 500 with Imago Artis, a tour company with unparalleled access to Rome’s most exclusive experiences.
This is the most expensive suite at Rome's Hotel Eden
Tuesday, 3rd OCTOBER 2017
[...] Imago Artis will arrange an unforgettable experience: an archaeological exploration of the Roman underground, a deep dive into the Colosseum, or a "hidden Rome" tour (in Fiat 500s, naturally) on which you’ll see art and ancient remains not found in the guidebooks.
Tuesday, 3rd SEPTEMBER 2017
[...] Schedule a cooking class. Imago Artis will book you a private chef and an elegant home kitchen for a lesson in making gelato, pizza, pasta, or whatever Italian fare makes your pulse quicken.
Exactly how to get into Rome’s most beautiful off-limits attractions
Friday, 18th AUGUST 2017
[...] This company’s slogan is "We create unforgettable memories" and it’s not an exaggeration. Fulvio De Bonis and his guides are able to open doors to some of the most exclusive and hidden places in Rome, from a museum of archeological ruins inside a private house to the Pope’s chambers in the Vatican.
9 tours of Italy you need to take
Wednesday, 19th JULY 2017
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